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Word Vomit

First entry, Sort of.

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First entry, Sort of.

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Let me begin with a slight introduction, this livejournal is going to be for ranting, venting, and self use only. all people who follow me, please be warned. this is not going to be  a thinspo blog with purging tips. "how to hide it from your mother!" honey, please do yourself a favor and get some help. it's a dark path, but we'll get on that road later. my first real entry is going to be tonight after smoking a large facial blunt. you will then read about who i am, and what i'm about. along with who i have an issue with today. maybe it'll be the receptionist at the doctors office today, maybe the clerk at the market. who knows, and being forewarned that this blog was going to nonsense, you have no right to complain.

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