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yesterday i went out with my friend mike. mike, mind you is an ex junkie. he just got back from rehab literally that day (yesterday). as long as i have known him, seven years, the kid has been using drugs. (he is four years older than me) that may give him more of a leeway for starting drugs that early in my day. but either way, class A drugs don't fly with me, or the FDA. when i met mike he was doing a line of blow, and at the moment i wanted him. not because of the blow but because he was very handsome and in your face. it was like tug of war with mike and i's sexual attraction to eachother. i wanted him, he wanted me. this went on for sometime. but not, we're just friends. never once have we had sexual relations, and i don't think it'll ever happen. we're just too good of friends for that.
  but in addition to the blow, mike used to use all types of drugs, speed, coke, junk, E, anything he could get of course. such is a junkie, right? towards the end (of his use) he was using 300 worth of junk a day, straight in the vein too. somehow, we all wonder how mike didn't die of OD or some strange drug issue. but then something clicked, he figured out that reality, "you either stop or you die
On the ride to dinner last night mike was showing off his one month sobriety coin from the program, and god bless him. he's so proud of himself. and i am ecstatic for him, this is a big step for the rest of his life.

i guess you just gotta hope for the best though.
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