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Why do people act so insane?

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Why do people act so insane?

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  So i have just began this livejournal, but mind you i am very familiar with how the website works. first thing i began to do before blogging is going to communities and adding myself/making a first post on them. i joined one called ask_me_anything. it's a pretty neat blog. you type in any question you can think of, such as; do you tip at dinner? what is your workout routine? etc. so me being the creepy intellectual person i am decides to go deep on the question, here it is. "If you were driving at 4am on a weekend with no one in sight and you hit a homeless person (who in theory is escentially out of touch with everyone) and you kill him. there is no chance you could get caught, i mean, there's no one there. would you turn yourself in for the crime?"
  This question is been asked for thousands of years! although in different text, it's all the same. the basic theory is, would a person who committed a crime turn themselves in if there is NO WAY they could be caught? the theory i used is intense, but those kind of thoughts get your mind thinking. 
  when i said the homeless person who is out of touch with everyone. all i meant was someone who has no connection to anyone. aka someone with a job would be noticed that they are gone.  IT'S A THEORY. NOT REAL LIFE. i swear, these people got way too into it. trying to pry details and shit on the theory. there are no details, my dude. i'm sorry that's all. use the other lobes of your brain and imagine yourself there, in those shoes of a murderer, NOW what would you do?

EDIT: (not long after mind you) people are still arguing on the comment thread about if they'd get caught..... smh. YOU CANNOT GET CAUGHT. it's a THEORY
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